Steve Durie

Artist and designer of multimedia and interactive systems for 10 years.

He received his degree in "Computer Multimedia and Electronic Music" at San Jose State's CADRE Institute.

Steve has worked on various interactive systems for installation and performance that have shown

at the San Jose Museum of Art, the N.C.G.A. Arts conference, Works Gallery of San Jose

and Holmes Fine Art Gallery.

He has also worked on various multimedia projects with companies like Adair & Armstrong,

Broderbund Software, CKS Pictures, Apple Computer, JVC Inc., and Crystal Graphics.

Besides working with Artist Joel Slayton on several collaborations, Steve has also worked with public artist Buster Simpson on

a large scale interactive system for San Jose International Airport.

Documentation from some previous work.

Concept image from"E-Totum", with Buster Simpson for SJ airport reinovation project 1996.


Scenes from "Post-Hypnotic Auto Effect, A Simulation for New Commuters", performance, 1994.

Screen Capture from The Association Machine, interactive Video commenting System, 1992 .


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